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About Diana
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Diana White Eagle

   Diana White Eagle was born in Chicago, Illinois.  She spends her time in beautiful Lake Tahoe, Florida, or Illinois. 
   As a young child, she possessed a wonderful imagination, as most children do.  At times, she even thought that perhaps she was magical.  She would KNOW things.  One time in elementary school she didn't know all of the answers on a test.  She thought that if she went to that special place in her mind she might get the answers.  So, she took a deep breath and it happened, she was getting all the answers she needed.  She wrote them down as fast as she could.  She handed in her test paper and received 100%. She whispered, "thank you," and went back to study the questions she didn't know.
   Diana has been doing readings since her early 20's.  She is also an artist.  She has three grown children who have intuitive abilities and are all artistic. They live in California.   Joey and Lark are painters.  Gina is an art director and also has a face painting business.  Joey does massage therapy, teaches surfing and is also an outrigger canoe racer. Lark will do readings for people on occasion.  Gina just KNOWS the best way to gently shape the little budding artists. 
   Diana has two grandchildren, Jered and Isabella.  Jered, is very talented in Theater.  He has been snow skiing since he could stand and at the potter's wheel since he could reach.  Isabella is excellent in soccer and shows a definite talent in art and dance.
   Diana shares her life with Richard her love, Blueberry, a smart and funny blue and gold macaw, Ziggy, a kind and smart standard poodle, and Fortune and Fame, funny little pugs.
                                   See Pictures Below 

Outrigger Race - Joey 2nd from right

Bella and Gina

Bella at the Beach in Lake Tahoe

Ziggy, Buck & Frosty Lucy in Michigan
Frosty Ziggy

Dolphin dancing with Joey

Lark and Danny


Jered and Bella

Blueberry in Texas

A Texas breeze ruffles Blueberry's feathers.